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How to Attract Prospects to Your MLM Opportunity

Now that you have taken the plunge & joined the Network Marketing industry how are you attracting prospects to join your team? Are you following the tried & tested, some would say old school, warm market method (friends & family)? Are you promoting your business with a display stand in the shopping mall or local fete? Are you spending hundreds of pounds advertising in the press or with PPC (pay per click)? Are you using the internet in the form of websites or blogs? Are you using Web 2.0 sites i.e. Facebook & Twitter?


Which method, if any, is working for you? I guess if you are reading this article, you are yet to find a method of promotion that brings you fresh prospects on a daily basis. For many new MLM recruits building their teams is a very slow & painstaking operation with lots of highs & lows. It’s great when you find a new team member & see their unbridled enthusiasm, but then so deflating when they give up after just a few short weeks, or worse still they never get going. Jim Rohn has a great CD which runs through all the pitfalls that confront new MLM recruits, he likens them to seeds, “the birds will get them” he says, it’s tough for seeds that are planted in the ground, they have to be watered & nurtured just right, however no matter how well you look after them the birds are still going to get a lot of them!


In Jim’s analogy the “birds” could be “well meaning” friends or relatives who will advise your new recruits that they have got involved in some sort of “pyramid thingamajig”, these people have no idea what a pyramid thingamajig is but they will never tire of telling your new recruit that’s what their involved with.

Up-line Training

However I’m digressing, talking about the pitfalls that your new recruits will face is a stand alone topic that I will discuss another time. Back to attracting prospects to your MLM Opportunity; I guess the methods that you are using will be those taught by your upline or at company trainings. It is more than likely that you will have been taught to build a list of friends, family, neighbors & work colleagues & begin to work through the list calling everyone using scripts provided. Whilst there is no doubt that this method works for some, it simply doesn’t work for everybody & that’s why there is such a massive drop out rate amongst new Network Marketers. So do you accept that “it’s a numbers game” and simply go on recruiting knowing that maybe as high as 90% of recruits will drop out after a short time? Or do you look for other ways of attracting motivated prospects that are much more likely to stay the distance. You see that whilst prospects may love the idea of residual income they are likely to have never heard of, or been involved with, MLM before. They will be from backgrounds where they are used to doing work for an hourly rate; the possibility of having to do hour after hour of work without receiving any payment will be totally alien to them.


What about one of the other methods I mention above, advertising in the press, what are you advertising for? The majority of ads in the press will be for jobs, a few may be for commission only but they are still regarded as jobs, MLM is not a job it’s a business, & the problem with press advertising is that 99.9% of people that reply to your ad are looking for a job. Believe me, I’ve tried it, no matter how much I tried to word the ad so that  to me it was plainly not a “job” I still got calls from people looking for a job & so they were not interested in my MLM Opportunity. What about PPC? Well for a start off it’s expensive! You can seriously lose your shirt if you are not careful. However if worded correctly it does attract people looking for business opportunities, but it is definitely a numbers game & you will have to be willing to spend an awful lot of money to attract the right prospects.


What about Facebook & Twitter? Well twitter is good for keeping people up to date with what you are getting up to but as a recruiting tool it’s a non-starter. Facebook can be good if you can build up a reputation for providing good quality information about the subject of MLM, you will get people as friends and they will see what you are doing & may become interested in finding out about your MLM opportunity. However if you just blatantly advertise your business with links to your sign up page then you will quickly lose friends. As far as advertising on Facebook, this is basically a no go area as Facebook doesn’t allow advertising for “home based businesses” or MLM. There are ways around this but I don’t want to go into that in this article.

Websites or Blogs

So what are we left with? Basically websites or blogs, these are an excellent way of attracting prospects to your MLM opportunity. However this method takes a lot of time & effort, you must provide quality content in order to get people visiting your site on a regular basis. You must not “sell” your opportunity to visitors as soon as they land on your site; you have to get them to know, like & trust you first. I’m sure you have heard of this phrase before however it is easier said than done! If you can be seen as an expert on the subject of MLM & if you are friendly & personable then people will want to hear about your opportunity & are much more likely to join you. The biggest mistake you can make in MLM is that of believing that it’s all about your company or the product /service you provide, even if you have the best company & the best product, if the prospect doesn’t like you, they will not join you!


Bearing in mind the above you must have a good website, it doesn’t need to be the most aesthetic or technologically advanced, but it must be user friendly, easy to navigate & most of all provide lots of quality information. It is more than likely that your MLM Company will provide a personalized website where your customers can purchase your products or services, however I’m not talking about this website, nor am I talking about the site your company may have for signing up prospects, I’m talking about your own personal website. You must have your own personal website where people (prospects) can get to know you & see that you are not only knowledgeable, but passionate about the subject of MLM. (You can direct them to your personalized version of the company website at a later date.)


So before I get onto how you attract people to your website, first we must discuss what type of people you want to attract. As I stated above people looking for jobs will not be interested in you or your MLM Opportunity, so you need to attract people who are looking to start their own business or better still people who are specifically looking to start a MLM Business! You see if people are looking specifically for a MLM business then they already know what such a business is all about, you do not need to convince them that they are not getting involved in some sort of pyramid scheme, you do not need to explain to them that they are not getting paid by the hour, you do not have to explain to them that they must recruit team members as well as selling the company product or service. You just have to show them that you know what you are talking about & you would be a good person to work with.


Now we know who we want to attract it’s easier to work out how we attract them, you need to position yourself as an expert in MLM, how? Write about it, if you don’t think you know enough about the subject then read all you can about it, then in your own words write about your experiences, your ups & downs, your triumphs & failures, make your stories human, show that you have a personality. If people can relate to you on a personal level they are much more likely to trust you & eventually join you. Even if you are relatively new to MLM you can still have a lot to offer, if you read as much as you can & listen to stories from your up-line then you will have plenty to write about.


In order for your writing to be seen you need to publish it to article sites such as Ezine Articles, this will put your name out there & help to establish your credibility. An added bonus, and indeed an essential part of SEO, is that you can include links in your articles to your website or blog which will lift them up the search engine rankings. In order to attract people to you website you need to have quality content about your keyword subject i.e. MLM or Network Marketing, all your articles must be on this or closely related subjects. You can do keyword research at Google to establish what related keywords you should base your articles on. I’m not going to go into SEO here as there is a huge amount of free information about the subject on the web.




Whilst it is possible to build a business using “old school” methods i.e using a list of friends & family this doesn’t work for everybody, so if you fall into this category then attracting prospects to your website is the best & certainly least expensive way to go. Of course you could always do both, it’s simply finding a method that works for you, as not everybody is the same.

John Mac MLM UK, EzineArticles Platinum Author

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